The Seven Learning Powers are a key element of The Petchey Academy’s curriculum. They are seven key skills or personal attributes that aim todevelop our students into highly effective learners, both at the academy and in their futures.  The idea is to increase each student’s ‘power’ as a learner and enable them to achieve more as a result.
The Seven Learning Powers are based on independent research conducted by the University of Bristol and are skills we all need to be successful learners. They are not taught discretely but rather embedded within the curriculum, and have a particular focus at Key Stage 3. They are also a feature of seminars.
Students have a chance to ‘self-review’ against the 7 Learning Powers at the start of the academic year in the form of an online profile. Throughout the year, their Academic Tutors and teachers discuss, reflect and develop on these skills.
The Petchey Seven Learning Powers are:
  1. Change and Learn: students have a positive attitude about their capacity to learn.
  2. Make Meaning: students understand the purpose of their learning and are able to make connections
           across subjects.
  3. Critical Curiosity: students ask questions; they want to ‘delve deeper’ and extend their learning.
  4. Creativity: students explore their own ideas and use their imagination/intuition in their learning.
  5. Learning Relationships: students work well with others and can learn from those around them.
  6. Strategic Awareness: students understand how they learn; they can plan ahead and reflect on their
  7. Resilience: students show a ‘can-do’ attitude and keep trying even when learning is difficult.
We want students to apply their understanding of themselves as learners and how they learn best in every subject. We hope that, by developing these Learning Powers, Petchey students will be confident, motivated, independent high-achievers.