Acorn Assembly

Every year we like to welcome out Year 7's and Parents to a very special assembly. This assembly gives Ms Cole and Guests a chance to inspire the children and give them an idea of the potential they all have. Each child is handed a small wooden acorn, symbolising the journey they have started and how one day they will all become mighty oak trees.

We were fortunate to have our Chair of Governors, Dorothy Dalton, Previous Governor Andrew Billington and also Sir Jack Petchey’s grandson Nic Bruce in attendance. Andrew Billington said a few words, giving our students the idea behind the acorns and why they have become so unanimous with our Year 7 cohort. Followed was an excellent speech from our Head Boy Elisha Lualua. Speaking to many of the Year 7s afterwards they were so inspired after seeing someone speak to them about the journey they are about to embark on.

The assembly as always ended with the presentation of the acorns to our Year 7’s. We hope to see many of them become mighty oak trees in the years to come.

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