Alicante 2018

Alicante educational visit 1st - 5th of May 2018

During the first week of May 2018, 5 year 8 students, 22 year 9 students and 1 year 10 student went to Alicante on an educational visit lead Ms Drucker and accompanied by Mr Stewart, Mr Hussain and our host in Spain, Amelia. The trip was a great success due to the vast range of activities, the positive attitude of the students, the warm weather and all the new Spanish cultural experiences had by all.

Each morning the students had a 2 hour Spanish lesson with an emphasis on Spanish speaking followed by a cultural activity; one day a trip to the local market to purchase food in Spanish, the next day a walk around the city streets noting down places of interest and taking in local landmarks.

As part of the varied and packed schedule students became chefs on the Tuesday afternoon assisted by a professional Spanish chef. They learnt how to cook Tortilla española and Paella finishing with a dessert of Crepes and a huge selection of toppings. Cameron proved himself to be a top chef!

The following day we had a huge tapas lunch in a traditional restaurant where the tapas seemed never ending, much to Mr Stewarts delight! We had to digest it quickly as next up was a salsa/Latin dancing class. The students showed some pretty good moves, particularly some of year 9 boys with special mentions to Talha.

On the fourth day we had the chance to visit the Volvo Ocean Race Museum where we went on board the boat used in one of the previous races and also had a chance to go in a simulator mimicking a choppy ride out on the open sea. On the Friday afternoon, Mr Hussain and the Arabic students had the opportunity to go to the Mosque for the afternoon prayer.

The last day but by no means least was spent in the town coastal town of Villajoyosa, a 40 minute coach ride from Alicante and is famous for its chocolate. Of course the first stop was the chocolate factory, producing the famous Spanish Valor chocolate. We learnt about the production and history of the chocolate and almost emptied the shop of all their chocolate on sale as well as their chocolate samples. Another short ride took us down to the beautiful beach lined with multi-coloured houses and palm trees. Before heading back to Alicante our host Amelia had a surprise for us, a visit to the 7 million year old Canalobre Caves. They were absolutely spectacular!

The last stop in our busy day was a visit to the Santa Barbara castle with views across the city. Muhammad, Tasneem and Abdullah put their acting skills to the test and performed the legend of Alicante narrated by our host Amelia. Looking out over the views across Alicante we were able to take in all the wonderful experiences we’d had over the last 5 days. 

Each evening rounded off with a couple of hours on the beach absorbing the last of the warmth of the day, time spent lazing on the sand, playing football whilst making local friends and admiring the Alicante coast line.

It should be noted that the students were a pleasure to have on the trip and were a credit to The Petchey Academy. They embraced the new experiences, cooperated and collaborated in new and different groups and were very entertaining! 

A huge well done and thank you from Ms Drucker, Mr Stewart and Mr Hussain. 


Alicante student review

In Alicante we did a lot of things. We went the beach, we went shopping, had Spanish lessons and ate a lot. My favourite part of the trip was when we did salsa because I could see my friends dance for the first time. We met a woman who was our guide through the whole trip. She took us to a lot of places. She took us to our Spanish classes, to a chocolate factory, the beach and to a few restaurants. In Spain we learnt a lot of things. We learnt how to ask for food in the market, how to buy food and what to say when someone give you your food. In my opinion I would go to Alicante again because the weather is nice and it’s a really nice place.


Dior Grant, Year 9