This page set outs full details for our BTEC students on the structure of the course with guidance, policies and useful resources.

A BTEC is aqualification that links education; work related learning; further training andemployment.  It is through the development of skills, and the links tovocational settings that makes it a different but equal learning experiencefrom GCE & GCSE and will raise motivation, retention and achievement.

BTEC is nowboth internally and externally assessed based on new specifications which arebeing integrated into the Academy, the grades are listed in the achievement andattainment tables and offer learners progression into employment and highereducation.


BTEC Courses at TPA

  • Level 1BTEC           NQF Level1            1 D – G atGCSE
  • Level 2BTEC           NQF Level2            1 A*-C atGCSE
  • Level 2BTEC           NQF Level2            2 A* - C atGCSE
  • Level 3BTEC           QCF Level3             1 AS– 3 A Levels
  • Level 3 BTEC          NQF Level 3            1 AS – 3 A Levels


  • Work related qualifications

  • Offer progression to employment or further study

  • Offer a choice of units

  • Recognise achievement at unit and qualification level

  • Encourages the development of key skills

  • Facilitates a student centred approach

  • Promotes active, experimental learning in a relevant context

  • Offer a genuinely diverse learning experience



BTEC Centre Handbook 2011-19

Learner Handbook 2017-18



Access Arrangements & Special Considerations Policy

Accreditation for Prior Learning Policy

Appeals Policy

Assessment Malpractice Policy

Assessment Policy

Assignment Briefs Policy

Distance Assessment Policy

Grading Criteria Policy

Recruitment of Learners Policy



BTEC Workplan 2017-18