The Cambridge Pre-U Diploma

The Cambridge Pre-U is an exciting new qualification for 16–19 year olds who want to go to university. It is an innovative and stimulating qualification developed to prepare you with the knowledge, skills and in depth of understanding you need to make a success of your higher education studies. The Cambridge Pre-U has been designed to inspire, challenge and reward you. It takes individual learning seriously and enables you to study a programme tailored to suit their own interests, enthusiasms and expertise. It focuses on providing you with a solid and coherent grounding in specialist subjects at an appropriate level; the ability to undertake independent and self-directed learning; and the ability to think laterally, critically and creatively. It prepares you well for university level courses and as it carries more UCAS points is deemed to differentiate students when applying for university places.

What does the Cambridge Pre-U Diploma entail?

Cambridge Pre-U is designed to prepare you for university study. It is a two-year linear programme, with examinations at the end of the course. The Cambridge Pre-U structure enables more teaching time, liberating learning and providing opportunities across the ability range for you to show what you can do. The linear approach of Cambridge Pre-U (with exams taken at the end of the two-year course) provides for coherence and progression. Cambridge Pre-U syllabuses can be taken separately, and are graded individually. You may choose to combine them to achieve a full diploma through our ‘Petchey Pathways’. There is freedom to choose subject combinations without constraint. To qualify for the Diploma, you will study at least three principal subjects with at least one being a Pre-U certificate. You will also complete an Independent Research Report and a Global Perspectives portfolio. The Cambridge Pre-U Diploma offers opportunities for interdisciplinary study, includes independent research that builds on individual subject specialisms, and is informed by an international perspective.