Capital Experience and Career Ready Launch

The students had a fantastic day out. We first went to the Dominion theatre where the Career Ready launch took place and it was an intriguing start to the day. They were treated to a host that was full of energy, charm and humour who had the entire theatre on their feet and singing their hearts out! The students also heard speeches from Career Reday graduates that have gained immensely by participating on the programme.

Our students then made their way to their workplace visits which was allocated by the organisers. One group went to The Ministry of Defence and the other went to AON. There we had a masterclass on 'Networking and Communication' which was very informative and the students took part in interview role -plays. They had a fantastic day out and benefitted a lot from this wonderful experience


"Yesterday’s experience made me realise that I’m my own person and that I should believe In myself no matter how difficult it might get. Additionally, the meeting of amazing individuals who have been through the CareerReady Programme in the past showed me that I am very lucky to be part of such an amazing opportunity, as well as that no matter where you come from or what you have experienced you can be successful. The event taught us to step out of our comfort zone to take care every opportunity, to except failure in order to improve and learn in order to become better versions of ourselves."

Gabriela Anna Gretkowska.

"The Career Ready Launch Day was an amazing experience and an exciting event that opened my eyes further into the programme. Starting with a captivating performance by a confident, enthusiastic host, the day was filled with lessons both interesting and informative. What made it especially great for me personally was the fact that as a result of it, my excitement to be a part of this programme has increased tenfold, and I can not wait to see what other opportunities and events like this arise!"

Roqeeb Akomolafi