Careers & Resilience Workshop for Young Black Women

Senior Operations Leader, Board Advisor and Business change specialist, Pamela Jones visited the academy this week to discuss careers and resilience with young black women in our Sixth Form.  Voted Financial Times Top 5 Future Leader 2018 and Brummell's Inspirational Women City Pioneers 2018, and a thought leader on women and representation, Pamela discussed choosing and understanding career paths, as well as how to build resilience .

Pamela thoroughly enjoyed her session with our young women and gave her top tips for resilience:

Promote good internal dialogue with yourself ( inside voices) , be compassionate to yourself and others, remember you are worthy, you are competent, capable  and you are enough. If de-railed know that you can bounce back , if you fail, in the words of Will Smith ‘Fail Forward’ change tactics if needed however ensure it makes you better stronger and with added purpose. Be authentic, you are unique. 

As it was also UN International Day of Happiness, we also asked her what makes her happy:

What makes me happy: A lot of things make me happy. My family, my grand-daughter, exercising, mentoring and presenting to the next generation by sharing my work and life experiences to promote and encourage others. I like being in creative spaces, art galleries, fringe theatre performances, sitting by a fire and watching rainfall outside as it hits the window. I am happy when I see myself as a black woman reflected in all walks of life as successful and respected.

At the same time as Pamela delivered her words of wisdom to the girls, her son Jordan Jones, hosted a workshop with young black men from our Sixth Form to discuss masculinity, media and representation and gender stereotypes.

Our students also found the sessions really inspiring:

It was inspiring to know what a black woman has achieved through tough times

It is okay to be fuming and take a step back while you feel you are treated unfairly, to make sure you do not give the judgmental people the opportunity for them to generalise black people as violent.

I learnt to be more resilient