Celebration of Achievement 2019

The event of the year at the academy!

This year's theme was "Making a Change".  Students are nominated for awards by subject teachers in each Learning Centre for their hard work and achievement during the year. We were treated to performances from our dance and drama students on the theme of Change, plus our band and choir accompanied by members of staff who performed Man in the Mirror.

Guest speaker Pamela Jones, voted Financial Times Top 5 Female HERoes Future Leaders 2018, inspired us with her speech on Changing Lanes For Success, and we were also lucky enough to be joined by 7 of our former Student Principals. Find out which students won awards on our news page.

For more photos, please visit our Facebook page; https://en-gb.facebook.com/petcheyacademy/


  • Year 9 Drama Group performed an extract from their National Theatre Production of Salt by Dawn King
  • Year 9 BTEC Dance Group performance
  • Joseph Mustafa delivered his incredibly powerful Jack Petchey Speak Out speech entitled "Racism does not exist"
  • “This is me” from The Greatest Showman was sung beautifully by a hayley, Angel & Tasneem
  • “Man in the mirror” was performed by the academy choir accompanied by the band, drumming group and assorted members of staff including Ms Cole

Award winners

  • Music award   -   Dominik Kovacs
  • Drama award   -  Szonja Kovacs
  • Religious Studies award  -  Jamal Lawal
  • Society And the Arts Scholarship  -    Elisha Lualua
  • Venn Award for Creative Arts  -  Deyarna Taylor Smith
  • History award  -  Elif Kalaycioglu
  • Languages award   -  Luqmaan Sahar
  • Young Chef of the Year -   Sarah Sidat
  • Sports Person of the Year Award -   Mia Aaron
  • English award    -   Lauren Pereira Da Paz
  • Maths KS5 scholarship   -  Tanvir Ahmed
  • Computer Science award  -   Martin  Vu
  • Science award   -   Yeanie  Lamin
  • Balkwill Medical Science and STEM award    -     Aaqil Patel
  • Reach Out award      -     Henry Balde
  • Jack Petchey Award winner    -    Nataly   Claure Abanto
  • Jack Petchey Award winner    -    Aisha Aktar
  • Jack Petchey Award winner    -    Salim Alhalaq
  • Jack Petchey Award winner    -    Victoria Smuzna
  • Jack Petchey Award winner    -    Dolunay Azgan
  • Mary Seacole Black History Award    -     Tasneem  Maryam Hussain
  • Jack Petchey Trophy: Outstanding Academic Achievement   -     Chantel Singh
  • David Daniels Personal Achievement Award  -    Abdullah Patel
  • Billington Young Leader of the Year Award     -   Fridaosa Agboola