Key Stage 3

Students will experience six weeks' worth of lessons in Year 7 and 8 through the PE curriculum. The lessons will be taught by a dance specialist and offer students the opportunity to develop performance and choreography skills across a range of styles. Through undertaking dance at KS3, students will develop confidence and appreciation skills whilst sensitivity to the style of accompaniment. Students will be taught to support their own dance compositions with written and /or oral descriptions of their intentions and outcomes whilst developing their ability to describe, analyse and interpret dances recognising stylistic differences, aspects of production and cultural/historical contexts.

Year 7 & 8 Students will study Performance,Choreography and Analysis topics which will build academic and life skills,challenging their understanding of the world around them and their place in it.Furthermore, throughout the course workshops, extra classes, clubs and trips are provided to extend student learning and prepare them for GCSE and the industry.

KS3 Dance

Key stage 4

GCSE Dance helps students develop technical and expressive skills as well as knowledge and understanding of dance through performance, choreography and critical appreciation of dance.

This four unit specification enables students to:

  • increase their confidence and self-esteem
  • employ the skills of problem solving and creativity
  • make knowledgeable decisions about dances

KS4 Dance

Key Stage 5

In Years 12 & 13 (AS/ A Level) the course aims to develop your skills, knowledge and understanding of contemporary dance coupled with other styles of dance. Through stimulating and challenging workshops students develop deeper skills in technique and performance, choreography, learn about the dancer`s body and how it works, study the work of professional choreographers gaining insight into their methods and techniques, and learn a system for notating dance.

KS5 Dance