Dealing with a problem

Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to share with you a simple but powerful breathing technique. It is normally thought to children and young people when they do their therapy/counselling sessions (for instance cognitive behavioural therapy).

Often adults need this technique more than the kids! We frequently have to manage our anger or worries provoked by the child’s reactions.

Dealing with a problem 

e.g. another detention, another phone call from school, heated argument with a sibling, chatting back or shutting down, refusing to come down for dinner, going through persistent low mood, refusing to sleep in one’s bed etc. And so on, without calming down first most probably will add fuel to the difficulty.

Deep breathing technique is not only effective with managing emotions but also it is discreet and easy to use at any time or place but first you need to familiarise yourself with it, then you can do it standing, walking, lying down etc.

To learn it please sit comfortably and place one hand on your abdomen. Breath in through your nose, deeply enough that the hand on your abdomen rises - count to 4 whilst taking the air in.

Hold the air in your lungs - 4 seconds.

Exhale slowly - over 6 seconds- through your mouth and imagine you are blowing through a straw.

So the timing is 4 seconds for an inhalation, 4 seconds to hold the breath and slow 6 seconds exhalation.

The breathing is one of many coping skills. Other coping skills require materials, longer time, somebody’s help, additional reassures.

Breathing is free and we have to do it anyway - why not to use it  consciously for our benefit.

Wishing you all the best