At Key Stage 3 students have one lesson of Drama a week. Drama is an inclusive subject which is accessible and for all students, regardless of ability or experience providing students with opportunities to share and develop performance skills, confidence and social integration. Students will build up a strong base of drama skills and techniques used in performance as well as have the opportunity to explore and operate aspects of technical theatre. Students are assessed on their development and performance skills every semester.

At The Petchey Academy Drama lessons give the students the opportunity to work creatively and collectively amongst their peers. We provide all students with a positive environment of trust and respect where every student has an equal opportunity to participate and succeed in their work.

Our subject area has many links with professional arts companies such as the BBC, The Barbican, Synergy Theatre Project, The National Theatre, Punchdrunk and The Almeida all of which offer exciting opportunities for our students. Recent theatre trips have included: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Little Revolution, Titus Andronicus, and The Drowned Man.

At all ages and stages, students develop confidence and vital social skills to prepare them for life in and beyond the Petchey Academy. 


Year 7 Scheme of Learning 


Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3 & 4

Semester 5 & 6


Introduction to Drama skills

Cuddington Manor

The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty

Radio Drama

Drama Skills

7 C’s of Drama

Still image,  Improvisation, Imagination

Facial expressions/ Body language


Sustaining a role



Body language/ Facial expressions/ Gesture


Action before narration

Thought tracking

Script analysis


Rehearsal techniques

Vocal Techniques


Readers Theatre


Alternative Performance


Introduction to Drama at secondary school. Understand and demonstrate the basic social and group skills needed (6 C’s) and the basic performance skills and vocabulary.

Understand how to develop and sustain a role over a period of time. Knowledge of creating suspense and tension to create atmosphere. Summative use of skills learnt in the year to create a substantial performance.

Recognise and apply the need to work with in depth knowledge of a script. Be able to refine, edit and select when devising for a presentation. To understand on and off text work. To use explorative strategies to explore and issue and story further.

To be able to use vocal techniques and understanding of Readers Theatre skills to create and perform their own radio drama based on a well-known story. 


Year 8 Scheme of Learning 

  Semester 1  Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4 Semester 5&6 

Murder Mystery Physical Theatre Our Day Out Trestle Theatre Knife Crime

Drama Skills

Action before narration



Red Herring










Thought tracking

Script analysis


Rehearsal techniques


Clocking the audience

Face front rule





Role play

To understand the basic principles of Murder Mystery. Focussing on how the key skills contribute toward the telling of a successful murder mystery.  To begin to understand how to create physical theatre using the key skills without becoming a character. Recognise and apply the need to work with in depth knowledge of a script. Be able to refine, edit and select when devising for a presentation. To understand on and off text work. To use explorative strategies to explore and issues, themes and story further. To understand the basic rules and principles of using trestle masks. To focus on masked techniques and how to put these into performance. To develop use of over exaggerated body language for a character and to be able to develop a character and plot from a mask. To understand how to use Drama to explore stories and issues from different perspectives. Consider the issues of gang violence and crime and what it means for the characters involved. Will include an understanding of the Steven Lawrence case.

Extra curricular:

Annual Musical
Students combine their acting, dancing and singing skills in an annual musical to be performed at the end of the autumn term in front of an audience of local primary school children, parents, friends and teachers. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to improve their performance skills, make friends in other year groups and develop confidence.
National Theatre Connections

Each year Petchey takes part in an annual writing festival where Youth Theatres, schools and academies across the UK have the opportunity to rehearse and perform a new play written by one of ten established playwrights. Last year Petchey performed at the Arts Depot in North Finchley. Students will then have the chance to watch a youth theatre group perform their play at the National Theatre.


Almeida Partnership

Students will work with practitioners from the Almeida Theatre to create a devised production based on the themes of one of the plays that will be showing in their main house. Students will then have the prospect of sharing their work with other schools and colleges such as City & Islington on the actualAlmeida stage.  


LAMDA forKS3 and KS4/5

Students work with an external facilitator who will train the students for LAMDA exams focussing on Speech and Drama. Dependent on the grade students can gain UCAS points which could help on entry to University.