My name is Miss Siemieniecka and I oversee the provision for students with English as an Additional Language. Together with Miss Jaszczak, who is an EAL Teaching Assistant, we work with students for whom English is not the first language. We support them in lessons and run additional withdrawal sessions to help them with learning English. We provide bilingual materials where necessary but we also encourage students to practice their communication skills in English as often as possible.
We ensure that induction to the academy for students who are new to learning English is smooth and they feel welcome from the first day. We assess their needs and collect all the necessary information about them to provide the most appropriate support as early as possible. 
We also support students who were born in the UK or have lived here for a long time but mainly use another language at home and may need additional support with some aspects of English vocabulary or grammar. We also work with parents or guardians of EAL students and provide interpreters, when needed. Our aim is to allow all EAL students to reach their potential and make the most of their time at the academy.

Miss Siemieniecka

EAL Coordinator

Miss Helwak

EAL Teaching Assistant