KS3 English will provide a foundation for the students at The Petchey Academy to develop skills learnt at KS2 in reading, writing and spoken English. Students study a range of different texts and writing styles as well as being given the opportunity to develop outside the classroom through extra-curricular activities. At the end of the KS3 programme of study we take all of year 8 out of the Academy on a trip to provide a real-life stimulus for their own piece of travel writing.

Alongside the KS3 programme of study, students are able to develop reading skills by spending 15 minutes every lesson reading a book of their choice. The Petchey Academy has also recently also started working with the popular and successful Let’s Think in English programme.Students spend one lesson every two weeks developing critical thinking skills through a range of different texts with thought-provoking questions to develop discussion, deeper thinking and learning relationships. Students are also given the opportunity to develop Spoken English skills in an in-house Speak Out Challenge carried out across year groups.

Year 7 Outline:

Semester 1- ‘Boy’ Roald Dahl

Students are immersed into story telling in first person through Roald Dahl’s autobiographical tales of childhood, growing up and becoming an adult. 

Semester 2 – Autobiographies

Students build on their knowledge from last semester and work towards writing and creating their own autobiographical work. They will focus on non-fiction autobiographies of iconic people.

Semester 3 – Poetry from Other Cultures

Students will explore a range of poetry from a selection of authors who write about the culture they’re from, cultures they have moved to and cultural influences. Students use the poetry skills they have learnt to then write their own cultural poems.

Semester 4 – ‘Tempest’ Shakespeare

William Shakespeare creates a magical land in 'The Tempest' where it may seem like anything is possible. Alongside this whimsical world there are also themes of prejudice, isolation and family struggles. Through studying this play, students will reflect on how these themes are still important in the 21st century.

Semester 5 – 19th Century: Intro into Dickens 

Through examining the dynamic tale of Oliver Twist, students will explore Victorian London’s underground and meet unsavoury characters and consider the real societal conditions that shaped their villainous personalities. They will also review Dickens’ social and political motivations for writing his novels and why they are worth reading today.

Semester 6 – Short Plays

Through a selection of different plays students will compare and contrast how different authors use dramatic techniques to entertain their audiences. Students will analyse character development, plot construction and setting. 


Year 8 Outline:

Semester 1 – ‘Stone Cold’ Swindells

Swindells heart wrenching novel lets students explore the human condition and how we treat others. Students will look at the theme of homelessness, families and the fight for survival.

Semester 2 – Non-Fiction: SMSC

This semester each week will focus on a theme whilst students read non-fiction texts. The main focus will be tolerance in examining sexism, homophobia, extremism and mental illness.

Semester 3 – War Poetry

Students will read a range of poems that are about war and different conflict. They will learn about empathy whilst reading and analysing poetic techniques.

Semester 4 – Non-Shakespeare play: ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’

Students will read the stage adaptation of the funny, poignant and inspiring novel. Students will have the chance to use dramatic techniques in the classroom and have a chance to recreate some of the scenes from the play, ending with an opportunity to see the production live at the end of the semester. 

Semester 5 – Intro into Gothic Literature

Over this semester students will read Gothic extracts and short stories. Students will explore how Gothic literature uses setting,character and plot to create suspense and spook their readers. 

Semester 6 – Short Stories

Creativity is at the heart of the English curriculum and students will be inspired to explore their own creativity in a short story piece of their own. Each week they will be immersed into a different world and story line fostering a love of reading.