Enhanced Showcase

On the final Wednesday of Semester 3 we run a special enhanced showcase, a chance for all our Year 7-8 students to show the rest of their year group their projects they have been working on since the start of the academic year. 

Our Wider World Year 7s were to begin with their Petchey Political Power presentations. Each group had been working on a project whereby they create a political party and present their views, presenting changes they would make to the UK and how this would impact their lives. R.E.J (The Respect Equality and Justice Party) won with 31 votes! 

The Innovation and Enterprise Year 7 & 8s presented a 'walking tour' with half of the year group visiting classes who had been developing their cooking and ICT skills. They visited students who had been baking and making pizza which was the student’s personal highlight of the afternoon.

The final section of the afternoon was out 'Grinch TED talks'. The remainder of our Year 8s were part of a showcase whereby members of our Grinch cast and crew created presentations on the Grinch and performances showing how the auditions process worked. It was a lovely throwback, remembering all the hard work and effort that had gone into the fantastic shows we witnessed last term.