Envision empowers young people to create positive change, so that they can build the sort of society we all want to live in, by taking part in, creating and organising activities to impact positively on their community. Students are taught to recognise their power to make a real difference through the practical experience of doing so. And while they are doing it, they develop the competencies they need to go on creating positive change throughout adulthood

Envision Community Apprentice
Based loosely on TV's "The Apprentive", Community Apprentice gives young people a platform to tackle a community issue they care about. With weekly support from Envision, the students design and carry out their own social action project. The programme features several challenges to help young people develop the skills they’ll need for their projects to succeed. These skills, such as communication skills, will also contribute to their employability.


Team Gentro are concerned about how gentrificationin their local area has affected their community.  You can watch their film here:

Team Gentro from torence on Vimeo.


Students have subsequently had to work together as a team to develop a plan for what they want to do to tackle the issue they have chosen.   

On 9th December the team took part in the pitching challenge which was held in the intimidating surroundings of Thames Tideway.  5 teams from schools from across the city took part giving students the opportunity to watch each otherto help them learn what makes a successful pitch.

Students were pitching for grants for their projects and feedback and advice from dragons about how they can make their projects most successful.  Our team were up in front of dragons from Thames Tideway, Baringa Brown Brothers Harriman, Brookfield Multiplex & Interserve. Team Gentro managed toconvince the panellists that their project was worth backing, and received thefull £100 they asked for.