The academy is committed to promoting equality in all of our practice and across all of our stakeholders, educating our students in line with The Petchey Way and its ethos of respect and tolerance. The academy and its governing body set equality aims every two years that focus staff and student on particular areas of equality and diversity. These have been considered and built into all relevant aspects of our SMSC provision.

Equality & Diversity Policy


Did you know?

We all know that The Petchey Academy is an incredibly vibrant and diverse learning environment with staff and students from many different backgrounds. This unique composition is part of what makes us so special.

Did you know that 64 languages are spoken by students at the academy?

Did you know that the most spoken languages are English, Turkish and Bengali?

Stamp Out Prejudice

Every year at The Petchey Academy we have a focus week to Stamp Out Predudice (StOP Week) which is led by The Renaissance Learning Centre with a lot of involvement from the Student Council. This year we focussed on celebrating difference. It was a fantastic week with activities everyday to celebrate diversity and encourage students and staff to question and challenge stereotypes and prejudice. The students’ workshops and activities were geared to enable our students to make sound choices, build strong relationships, enjoy who they were created to be, and to develop greater self-awareness and value personal growth. Activities took place in and outside of lessons and ranged from visiting speakers, to spoken voice workshops to art and drama pieces. Here are a selection of the activities that took place:

  • Music, Dance & Drama worked on women's march pieces
  • Visiting speaker The Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin spoke to Year 9
  • UG students ran a fair for KS3 students with a range of stalls
  • Year 7 took part in a speak out challenge on the theme of diversity (see video below)
  • Year 7-9 created Art work for display
  • DT club made StOP badges for students and staff
  • Year 9 created a dance piece on the theme
  • The Red Cross came and spoke to year 8 students about the migrant crisis
  • In Their Shoes charity did lessons with students in Science on the theme of hidden differences
  • Year 9 took part in a Spoken Voice workshop with students from Globe Academy