First Give

The Year 8 First Give Final saw four classes compete to win £1000 for their charity of choice.

During their Religious Studies lessons each class found a local social issue they identified with.

The four charities they campaigned for were 1. Victim Support – students created two raps to articulate the effects of knife crime and also wrote to Dianne Abbott to ask for more government acknowledgement of victims of crime. 2. Hackney Winter Night Shelter – all students recognised the issue of rough sleepers around Dalston, students created a role play to illustrate how vulnerable young people can quickly fall into homelessness. The group also collected toiletries to donate to the charity.  3. Child Poverty in Action – students created a video to raise awareness about the stigmatisation of students living in poor living conditions 4. Mind in the City – students challenged discrimination surrounding teenagers who live with a mental illness.

Our internal judges Ms Blunden and Student Principal Elisha Lualua declared the £1000 would go to Hackney Winter Night Shelter, a small charity in which £1000 would go a long way. The winning team were beaming with the result.