In food studies at KS3 we look at how to develop in our students a sound understanding about food and the important role food plays in a healthy lifestyle. We teach the basic practical cookery skills and focus particularly on Healthy Eating, Safety and Hygiene, Diet and Nutrition. Students are encouraged to be independent learners, creative thinkers and team workers through their food studies.

Food studies are on an annual rotation with DT. Most students will complete two semesters of food and four semesters of DT. Ingredients are provided, but students are expected to bring in a container each week to take their food home in.

Practical Lessons

To develop practical skills, they make a range of sweet and savoury products.  All of the recipe sheets for the practical lessons are available on the website.

Home Learning

To extend learning outside of school, students are expected to complete the evaluation sheets in their booklet and fill in their skills tracking sheet.


Year 7:

Semester 1 

Introduction to food and nutrition, sensory analysis, health and safety, and cooking equipment. Learning knife skills and how to use the cooker safely. Students will make a range of dishes, while learning basic skills such as fruit and vegetable cutting and basic methods such as rubbing in and sauce making.

Semester 2

Students will continue to learn basic cooking skills and understand the benefits of healthy eating. They will experiment with different flavours and make a rangeof dishes including pasta with ragu sauce, savoury scones and pineapple upsidedown cake.

Year 8:

Semester 1

A revision of nutrition, sensory analysis, health and safety, knife skills and cooking equipment. Students will make a range of dishes including chicken burgers, pasta salad and stuffed vegetables.  They will also carry out cooking experiments adapting recipes to meet healthy eating guidelines..

Semester 2

Students will continue to learn new cooking skills including pastry and bread making, whilst making arange of dishes including pizza, cheese and onion pasties and banana andblueberry muffins.