GP Workshop

Sixth Form students on our Medical Enhanced programme spent time working alongside GPs at Shoreditch Practice earlier this week. The feedback from students was brilliant, as was the feedback from the surgery about our students! 

'It was really amazing. I like the way she interacted with the patients even when some where challenging she always had away to convince them. A sentence or two is really short for me to describe how I enjoyed the shadowing but it felt like a week of work experience in just 4 hours" - Sharifa

"My experience at the GP was very informative and enabled me to acknowledge the day to day duties of a GP Doctor. The GP doctors were very truthful and friendly, making my experience at the GP more  fun" - Sinan

" An invaluable opportunity working alongside a GP. I had the privilege to witness rare disease such as Ichthyosis, this insight opened discussions of how roles in health care aren’t as straight forward as they seem." - Chantel

I really enjoyed this day and am so please to have had the chance to work alongside practising GPs, but I didn’t do the typical observing of patient consultations that I expected. I was lucky to be able to mark and examine video consultations. My marking match up to the GP who I was working with, it felt amazing to have marked to the same level as someone who has been practising as a GP for over 10 years. As well as this, both the GPs I worked with showed me the reality of the job, they analysed individual patient cases, looked and and filtered prescriptions in detail. I didn’t realise how much work they have to do and how tiring and time consuming it is!

The GP training meeting at the hospital was highly informative. I learnt incredible things about innovations in a hospital as well as youth communication and helping victims of street crime. I am immensely grateful for this experience as many people do not get these opportunities through their schools, or even until they get in to university.