Global Perspectives and Research is a skills based critical thinking course designed to complement and accompany the Cambridge Pre-U Diploma. Through the course students develop crucial independent learning skills that whilst simultaneously exploring global issues and events from a range of perspectives. Students become informed, enquiring and critical students of the modern world.


Year 12:

In Year 12, the first part of the GPR course aims to equip students with their ‘critical thinking toolkit’ whilst simultaneously exposing them to a range of topical global issues related to politics, culture, ethics, economics, and technology. Three components of the overall GPR course are taken in Year 12 and each component is assessed in its own unique way to reflect the breadth of assessment methods used at University level. Students will be assessed through an examination, an essay on a global issue of their choice and through delivering a presentation.


Year 13:


In Year 13 students are given the opportunity to complete Component 4 of the GPR course: the independent research report. This involves students planning and undertaking academic research on an area of interest and then writing it up into a 5000 word university style dissertation. Students are supported to do this effectively through weekly one to one supervisions with a subject specialist in their area of study.