Key Stage 3

KS3 geography offers students the chance to engage with the environment at a range of scales. Students develop a comprehensive understanding of the physical and human features of the earth, oceans and its atmosphere, while critically examining the relationship between humans and the environment. The course is designed to allow students to analyse different regions of the globe and create a holistic view of how humans and the environment vary and interact on a range of scales. Students investigate the forces that have shaped climates, populations and nations, while forecasting the potential changes to environments in the future. Students acquire a range of relevant geography skills, including critical analysis, in-depth discussion, map reading, interpreting from photographs and maps, fieldwork skills, categorisation of impacts as environmental, social or economic and the ability to accurately explain geographical phenomenon.

KS3 Geography

Key Stage 4

At GCSE level, Geography provides the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the world around them. A balance of theoretical and practical work encourages active involvement in the subject and prepares students for the next steps in their academic journey. During the course students will gain an understanding of global geographical issues and how to apply this understanding to a range of different contexts. The course consists of study in 4 main themes; rivers & coasts, population & settlement, natural hazards and economic development. Students will study ‘real-life examples’ of how people and environments are altered by human and physical events in a range of different settings, ranging from local study to learning of a variety of different cultures and communities across the globe. Students also have the opportunity to attend a wide range of educational visits including a three day residential trip to Norfolk where students complete a river & coasts study giving them valuable insight into the a range of different geographical processes and landforms. The course consists of 2 exams in year 11, the themes paper worth 50% and the SDME paper worth 25%. The remaining 25% is assessed through controlled assessment conducted in the class room, based on the collection of primary data.

KS4 Geography

Key Stage 5

Cambridge Pre-U Geography offers opportunities to explore a range of geographical environments, issues, themes and hazards. The course allows for genuine interest in and enjoyment of the subject by building on KS4 courses of study, increasing interest but also avoiding repetition. Cambridge Pre-U Geography emphasises breadth as well as depth of teaching and learning. The syllabus combines a good grounding in physical processes with challenging and contemporary themes in human geography which provide the depth and rigour required for a university degree course. The syllabus encourages the acquisition of specific geographical skills and abilities, in particular the skills of independent research, fieldwork, analysis and effective communication.

KS5 Geography