Handball Tournament 2018

Yesterday 6 enthusiastic Year 7s embarked on their first Handball tournament. The only knowledge they have of the game are from their lessons, and have never played together as a team. Despite their lack of experience in handball, our multi-talented students demonstrated resilience and prevailed!

Our Year 7s were the youngest girls in the competition and played against competent Year 10s girls from Stoke Newington, Mossbourne and Clapton.

Game 1 : Petchey WON 1-0  Mossbourne 2

Game 2: Petchey DRAW 0-0 Stoke Newington

Game 3: Petchey LOST 0-1 Mossbourne 1

Game 4: Petchey DRAW 1-1 Clapton

Congratulations to all the girls that took part in the tournament and a special congratulations to Mallak and Gulenay who have been selected for the LYG Handball squad.