Key Stage 3

Our Key stage 3 History curriculum is designed to allow students the opportunity to develop their Historical skills alongside learning exciting and new content. The whole curriculum has been created to demonstrate to students the differences and similarities over large periods of time. Themes such as immigration and invasion will be developed and used at the end of semester to measure the significance and implication of different dynasties on Britain.

The KS3 history curriculum allows for all students of all abilities to achieve and receive a rounded education.

KS3 History

Key Stage 4

Our key stage 4 curriculum has been developed in such a way as to give students the best possible to achieve in their GCSE subjects. It covers topics such as Life in Nazi Germany, Medicine through time, and civil rights movements in the USA and UK.

KS4 History

Key Stage 5

The Pre-U History course is designed to allow students to investigate content and develop their analytical written skills to an undergraduate level. The course allows students to engage in a deeper understanding of 20th century history in order to come to an evaluative judgement on the key events of this era. It encourages students to develop the ability to engage and be critical of historical perspectives of the past. In doing this, they will be encouraged to justify their own historical opinion of events that have occurred.

The course consists of 4 different modules- successful candidates will study Twentieth Century European History, Twentieth Century British History, Civil Rights 1954-1980 and a personal investigation of 4000 words. All candidates will be assessed in 3 linear exams at the end of Year 13. The Personal Investigation is completed in Year 13 and is externally assessed by Cambridge Pre-U.