Immersive Theatre Experience

This morning a group of students in year 7 and year 8 embarked a mystery journey to discover who has determined Eva Smiths death from the play An Inspector calls. The students had to explore boxes containing clues relating to suspects in the story.  Each object unravelled the connection of the suspect to the dead girl. This immersive experience where the students had to be investigators solving the mystery has been exceptionally successful in term of student’s participation and helped them develop their critical mind.  “I really enjoyed the murder mystery. I would happy of would had more sessions like that “(Asli, year 7). “It was really great fun, adventurous and dramatic. We also had used a lot of investigations techniques” (Kai, year 7). “Miss Cossu has planned this thoroughly. She prompted us and guided us”.  (Esra, year 7). “This was a really fun lesson and I would like to do this in year 8”. (Sarah, year 7). “This was amazing, challenging and energetic. It was exhilarating”. (Luqman Ryan and Akay, year 8). “We really enjoyed looking for clues. I felt like a real detective”. (Maseary, year 8)