Jack Petchey Achievement Awards Afternoon Tea

On Friday we recognised and celebrated some of our stand out achievers in the academy. Our staff members have been voting each term for students who they believe deserve recognition for their outstanding contribution not just in lessons but also to the wider aspects of the school. The staff do not know who they are voting for as they vote based on anonymous paragraphs written about the students and their contributions.

3 students are presented with the Jack Petchey achievement award each term, totalling 9 students who are recognised at the end of year celebrations. We celebrated with 6 of those this term with an afternoon tea and awards presentation. It is a lovely afternoon where we invite the winner’s family and a couple of friends to enjoy the afternoon with them.

The following students are this year’s Term 1 & 2 students. 3 more will join them next term. Congratualtions to all of them so far.

Eda, Year 11

Deborah, Year 10

Harprit, Year 12

Keaton, Year 11

Ryan, Year 11.

Solomon, Year 11 (not pictured)