Jack Petchey Award Winners Afternoon Tea with the Principal

Jack Petchey Award Winners enjoy afternoon tea with family and friends, and Ms Cole.

The Jack Petchey Award scheme aims to recognise, reward and celebrate the wide range of achievements of our students – academic attainment, an excellent attitude to learning, or outstanding contributions to our community. Our 3 winners each term are nominated by staff and then voted for by staff and peers. Our semester 4 winners received certificates from Ms Cole in front of their parents and friends over tea and cake, they also have £250 to spend on a subject area of their choice within the academy. Here's why they won:


Year 11 winner - This student has worked tirelessly in her history lessons over the past three years and has an incredible determination to succeed. She has logged a huge number of hours, currently 77, on GCSE pod where she listens to History podcasts and makes notes. Her efforts have clearly paid off as this student is regularly meeting and exceeding her Petchey Target Grade. In addition to her academic excellence this student has a wonderful presence both in the classroom and around the wider academy. She is a pleasure to teach as she brings lively contributions to class discussions and she is constantly embedding the Petchey values through her politeness on the corridor. Her peers also appreciate her helpful demeanour as she is just as keen on helping them to achieve their goals as she is her own. She can, however, be very competitive and has shown some ruthless leadership skills when it comes to winning a prize. This is definitely a very deserving winner

Year 7 winner -  has made a brilliant start to Petchey life and has epitomised the Petchey way through demonstrating kindness and hard work every day and in every lesson. She has excelled within the classroom in my subject achieving a 9 which is above her target grade. She consistently finishes content in lessons and has resulted in me recently giving her questions that students wishing to go to Eton must answer. It is something she has embraced as a challenge and through this has shown an understanding of Geography in the wider context of the world which is very unique for a student in Year 7. She can articulate her answer very well and fully deserves this award for her achievements so far in Year 7.

Year 10 winner - He puts an exceptional amount of effort into all pieces of work; he is driven to overcome challenges swiftly and now gets a lot of joy from learning. He is becoming a confident student; he is thoughtful, insightful and kind. He is a perfect example of hard work paying off.