Key Stage 3

We are proud of our subject area's strong record of success, and aim to build further on this through developing our students into confident and able mathematicians.

The aim of our subject area is to build a numerate foundation for all students as well as allowing students to develop an interest in wider aspects of the subject such as its history and applications in the real world.

We constantly seek to challenge our brightest students and our most able and enthusiastic students in each year-group take part in the Mathematics Challenges, a national competition which takes place annually. We also have a tradition of competing (very successfully!) at other mathematical competitions within the Borough of Hackney.

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Key Stage 4

In Years 9-11, students will learn:
  • how to collect, summarise and represent unbiased data
  • the skills necessary to read, analyse and interpret data and various diagrams and statistical statements accurately
  • to develop your ability to reason and discuss results
  • how to predict what will happen in the future by making forecasts based on statistical results and considering the probability of something happening.

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Key Stage 5

Mathematics is highly regarded and provides strong support to any application for employment or further study. The applied units in Mechanics and/or Statistics are necessary for many courses in science and engineering. The Statistics  Mathematics studied at A level is very useful for many courses in the social sciences.

The study of Pure Mathematics develops logical thinking and a systematic approach to problem solving - attributes which are highly valued in the workplace.

Further Mathematics is a separate A Level to Mathematics A Level but both courses must be taken at the same time as both courses overlap in content.

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