We are proud of our subject area's strong record of success, and aim to build further on this through developing our students into confident and able mathematicians.

The aim of our subject area is to build a numerate foundation for all students as well as allowing students to develop an interest in wider aspects of the subject such as its history and applications in the real world.

We constantly seek to challenge our brightest students and our most able and enthusiastic students in each year-group take part in the Mathematics Challenges, a national competition which takes place annually. We also have a tradition of competing (very successfully!) at other mathematical competitions within the Borough of Hackney.



Upon joining the academy all students sit a baseline assessment in their first week, which is used (alongside information received from primary schools) to place them into ability groupings. These groupings are regularly reviewed and are further informed by both formal assessments, and it is quite common for students to move groups as they become more confident mathematicians.

Students are assessed again formally at Christmas, Easter, and at the end of year and these assessments are used to track performance and help us quickly identify students who may need additional support.

Students follow a traditional curriculum covering the four areas of mathematics: number, algebra, geometry and statistics, but we also put an emphasis on providing students with opportunities to complete extended projects that link to our thematic curriculum and allow them the opportunity to use their maths skills in real world settings.


Year 7 & 8 Outlines:

Semester 1

Week 1 - 2: Arithmetic

Addition, subtraction, division, multiplication.

Week 3 - 4: Sequences, functions and graphs.

Arithmetic sequences, finding the nth term of a sequence, plotting coordinates, plotting straight line graphs, working out the equation of a line.

Week 5 - 6: Integers, Powers and Roots.

Evens, Odds, Squares, Primes, Factors and Multiples. Negative numbers, laws of indices, 


Semester 2

Week 7 - 8: Place value, ordering and rounding.

Ordering decimals, rounding to significant figures and decimal places, multiplying by powers of 10, standard form.

Week 9 - 10: Expressions, substitution and formulae.

Week 11 - 12: Geometric reasoning

Types of angle. Find missing angles in triangles,straight lines and around a point, exterior and interior angles.


Semester 3

Week 14: Ratio and proportion

Week 15 - 16: Perimeter, Area and Volume

Week 17 - 18:  Represent and interpret data

Bar charts, pie charts, scatter diagrams.


Semester 4

Week 19 - 20: Constructions and Loci

Drawing and measuring angles. Constructing triangles using a pair of compasses and protractor, bearings, loci. Nets of shapes

Week 21 - 23: Fractions and Percentages

Week 24: Probability


Semester 5

Week 25: Assessment week

Week 26 - 27: Solving equations

Week 28 - 29: Collect and process data

Questionnaires, tally charts, averages, range

Week 30 - 31: Transformations

Symmetry, rotations, reflections, translations and enlargements. Scale factor.


Semester 6

Week 32 - 33: Measures

Converting between metric units, imperial units,speed, distance and time.

Week 34: Probability

Week 35: Revision

Week 36: Assessment