Medical students visit & workshop

Today we invited 3 medical student in to speak to our Year 8 in their assembly. With our Year 8 students having just been given their GCSE choices and starting to think about possible career paths it was a fantastic opportunity for many of our students to hear first-hand what a career in the medical sector could look like.

After the assembly we were then able to run a workshop that allowed students from Years 8 all the way to Sixth Form who had been selected. Many of the students from Year 11 and Sixth Form had requested this opportunity as they were looking at perusing a similar career. The younger students had been selected after showing an interest in lessons or shown excellent pieces of work on similar subjects.

The groups were split into 3 and each were shown an aspect of medical care. The first group looked at the process of resuscitation using dummies and learning some basic first aid training in the process. The 2nd used stethoscopes to measure heart rates while the 3rd measured their blood pressure.

The students had a fantastic day and was so insightful to hear form medical students who are in the process of developing their careers in that field. We hope to have them back again soon so that we can offer some inspiration to any other budding medical students.  

"Educational, amazing to be talked to by real doctors, informative, inspirational, fun, super"

"All lessons should be like that"

"Zak sounded young so I could probably do it too"