Mission to Mars - Day 2

Day 2 picked up right where Day 1 had ended and gave our students '24 hours' to complete their Mission. We were lucky enough to start the day off with another Science Museum presentation where our Year 7 and 8's got involved with some interactive activities which revolved around temperature. It was safe to say their Mission to Mars was really heating up.

After this the workshops began in a similar manner to yesterday whereby they broke into smaller groups and began working on a number of tasks and challenges to get them ready for the afternoons much anticipated Water Rocket Challenge. In the lead up to this we have been engaging the students in all aspects of space travel which included food and nutrition, coding, psychology, gravity and materials.

The mission came to a head when our students had to test their rockets outside. 2 days of hard work had been leading to this and there were some fantastic results. A huge thank you must go to all the staff who have assisted the last couple of days and in particular Ms March who despite being soaking wet after the rocket challenge had a huge impact making this such an enjoyable mission off the planet.

At least we now know that if the meteorite does come crashing down to earth we have our Year 7 and 8's to rely on, getting us safely to Mars.

We are incredibly grateful to the Institute of Engineering and the Institute of Mechanical Engineers for helping our Mission to Mars idea come to life. Thanks to funding from their EEGS programme, we have been able to educate more than 500 children in the possibilities of various engineering careers.