Mission to Mars - trip to Freewheel

On Wednesday 16 Year 7 students who had been identified as performing particularly well in Mission to Mars were rewarded with a trip to FreeWheel in Central London. The girls were first introduced to the company and what they do by 3 of the software engineers, who were all women. Following on from this students used MacBooks to complete coding challenges and work their way through levels. The tutors were hugely impressed with our girls ability, problem solving and team working skills, completing far more than was expected in the time given. It was then time for a rest and the students were allowed to use the staff area complete with table tennis table and table football. This was also an opportunity to mix with some other staff from the company as well as the parent company Comcast. After a tour around the offices and an opportunity to ask questions we all ate lunch together and finally went up to the roof terrace of the offices. It was a great opportunity for students to see how they can apply their current STEM knowledge in the real world and understand that all companies have a huge number of different roles within them.

What the students said:

“Freewheel is my new favourite company and I want to work here when I’m older”

“I learnt how to code using Javascript on the programs”

“I leant that coding is everywhere and there are many different languages”

“I had an amazing experience and learnt loads of new things. Thank you!”