Key Stage 3

At The Petchey Academy, Music lessons give the students the opportunity to develop their musicality through the mediums of listening, composing and performing. Students are encouraged to be creative and are given the opportunity to work both independently and collaboratively with their peers in class to develop within themselves a sense of musicianship, culture and confidence. Making music involves more than the voice or fingers playing an instrument; a child learning about music has to tap into multiple skill sets, often simultaneously, and we truly believe that our students are much more fulfilled at Petchey as a result of their musical education.

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KS3 Music

Key Stage 4

We have a thriving Instrumental Learning Programme in the academy that offers students an opportunity to learn a range of instrumental lessons given by highly skilled, professional musicians. Students from any year at the academy can learn an instrument, which enhances their opportunities to play in extra-curricular ensembles, and take part in performances and trips throughout the year. In addition, we also run various extra-curricular clubs for students to join free of charge including Junior and Senior Bands and Choirs, and Guitar Club. Through having Music lessons, students develop confidence and gain the key transferable skills to prepare them for life in and beyond The Petchey Academy.

The GCSE course allows for students to creatively express themselves though performance, and composition. They gain a much deeper knowledge of the History of Music, and an understanding of musical traditions and performance styles.

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KS4 Music

Key Stage 5

Students are able to study Music or Music Technology.

Students who would benefit most from studying an A Level in Music are likely to have a GCSE in Music at grades A*- B.

Students should be aware that performing skills need to be at the standard of Grade 5 for AS level, and Grade 6 for A2 at the time of assessment. It is important that you:

  • love playing an instrument and performing
  • like exploring and creating new music
  • enjoy listening to music from a range of styles
  • wonder about how and why music has developed
  • have an interest in exploring music through ICT

Entry requirements for AS Level Music Technology is GCSE Music at a grade C or above.  GCSE English at a grade C or above is also desirable.  

Students must have good listening and analysing skills and be competent at using Logic Pro to create music. Although not formally assessed,musical skill at instrumental playing is required for the recording unit.

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KS5 Music