At The Petchey Academy, Music lessons give the students the opportunity to develop their musicality through the mediums of listening, composing and performing. Students are encouraged to be creative and are given the opportunity to work both independently and collaboratively with their peers in class to develop within themselves a sense of musicianship, culture and confidence. Making music involves more than the voice or fingers playing an instrument; a child learning about music has to tap into multiple skill sets, often simultaneously, and we truly believe that our students are much more fulfilled at the Petchey Academy as a result of their musical education.


Year 7 Overview:

Semester 1 - Understanding Music

Students learn about the building blocks of music and begin to develop their knowledge and understanding of music notation, with a particular focus on rhythm and pitch.

Semester 2 - Keyboard unit

Students learn how to play short melodies on the keyboard whilst developing their piano playing technique.


Semester 3 - Vocalise

Students learn how the voice is used in music and create and perform a short piece of music using ostinatos and a short rap/song.

Semester 4 - Instruments of the Orchestra 

Class will complete a listening test based on their knowledge of the instruments of the orchestra, and, understand how to be an effective member of an orchestra.


Semester 5 - African Drumming

Practical project learning different techniques to create a whole class performance.



Semester 6 - Samba/Singing 

Students will study carnival and create a class performance of a short Samba piece in workshop-style lessons spanning two weeks, and then learn songs to perform at the Hackney Festival in July

Exam covering all topics from semester 1-6.


Year 8 Overview:

Semester 1 - Elements of Music

Students learn about the elements of music, focusing on texture and melody through learning how to play Pachelbel's Canon on the piano.

Semester 2 - Elements of Music 2

Students learn about the elements of music, focusing on timbre and dynamics, through learning howto play Oh, When the Saints on the piano.


Semester 3 - Reggae 

Students learn how to play the chords and melody to Buffalo Soldier on the keyboard.

Semester 4 - Reggae 

Students work in small groups to compose and perform their own reggae song.

Semester 5&6 - Song writing 

Students explore the process of writing a song. They create chord sequences and melodies for song lyrics. They perform their songs in groups.