My Trip to Alicane by Tasneem Hussein

My trip to Alicante

My name is Tasneem Hussain. I am in year 8. Recently, I was granted the opportunity to go to Alicante, Spain. We stayed there for five days. I wish we could’ve stayed there for longer! We did various activities, most of them consisted of walking.

For example, we went to different museums such as Museo de Hogueras, which contained many odd statues, and the Volvo Ocean Race museum, where we learnt about the Volvo Ocean Race and even got to try out a simulator! Furthermore, we also did salsa dancing and we visited a castle called Santa Barbara, where we learnt about the history of Alicante and were enlightened with a rather interesting fairy-tale of why Alicante was named as such. To do this, we had to re enact it! I was a princess called Cantera, Mr Hussain was the King, and two other students played the roles of Ali, the prince Cantera fell in love with, and Mansoor, the other suitor for Cantera. At the end of the fairy tale, Ali and Cantera died together, as they couldn’t stand being apart due to their love for each other! Hence why Alicante was named such. Furthermore, we were even granted the opportunity to make Spanish Omelettes, which mainly contain potatoes and eggs! I also tried a traditional Spanish dish called Paella. It mainly consisted of prawns, rice and squid.

On the trip, we also met our tour guide, Amelia. She’s an amazing woman! She contributed to broadening my Spanish language, and made me feel good about my singing voice when I did performances on the coach for everyone. She also loved taking pictures of all of us! She was amazing. Additionally, I also met some new people and made friends with some of them. They were mostly year nine, but they were nice to be around, and I made hopeful long-lasting friendships with about one or two of them.

I learnt a lot on the trip. Both the many visits to Spanish landmarks and the Spanish lessons helped broaden my love for Spanish! For example, I learnt how to say simple words such as banana, which is platano. I also learnt to embrace traditional Spanish food. It was mainly because of its delicious taste!

My overall opinion on Alicante is that it’s a beautiful and vibrant place with many things to see. I absolutely loved staying in Alicante and would love to visit it again! In addition, Alicante is also a place to broaden your knowledge of Spain and Spanish! Lastly, I would like to give great thanks to the teachers who came with us on the trip. Mr Stewart, Mr Hussain and Ms Drucker. They made the trip even better! They also took great care of us on the trip. I would like to personally like to thank Ms Drucker. She was the amazing teacher who planned this whole trip, and without her, going to Alicante wouldn’t be possible, nor would it be as fun! Thank you Miss Drucker, and thanks to everyone who went on the trip for making it one worth remembering!