Operating Theatre Live on the 29th May 2019

During the half term, Operating Theatre Live was hosted here at The Petchey Academy. It was an exiting oppourtunity to perform medical procedures on deceased pigs.


Below is what one of our students said about the experience;

I recently attended Operation Theatre Live on the 29th of May 2019. On this day I spent time learning and understanding the different terms used in describing the anatomy of the body and where it is located such as the medial line, this is “mirror line” of the body and an organ located here is the nose. I also learned how to communicate with patients after reading key things about their life or anatomy in order for them to get the best experience. Under pressure, I had to carefully execute a decision when it came to working out the correct amount of different substances for a solution that will best suit the patient. This was meant to portray a base level of anaesthetics and the best life of an anaesthetist, which was very interesting.

We were put into scrubs, and wore proper protection in order to operate on the pig. We operated in teams to dissect it and related it to how it works in the human anatomy. This was really useful as I got to use new technology we learned about and applied it to the actual thing.

The coordinators of the theatre were very approachable and kind which made me feel comfortable asking more demanding questions.

Overall the operating theatre live was a great success and made me feel more confident about pursuing a career in the medical field.