First impressions count

To this end we help our students to develop a keen sense of belonging, self respect and an understanding of the impression they make by the way they behave and dress. 

We are extremely proud of our distinctive Petchey uniform, and we expect students to take pride in their appearance by wearing the correct uniform at all times, including on the way to and from the academy.

All uniform including PE Kit is available online via the link below. 

Online uniform shop

Uniform ordered online can either be delivered to the academy for free, or to your home address for a small delivery fee. Deliveries to the academy are every two weeks. You will receive a text message when your order arrives so that your child can collect it from Student Reception.

The only items not to be purchased online are the Petchey branded hijab and headscarf which can be purchased via ParentPay and collected at Student Reception.

The uniform design takes into account durability, cost and identity. It gives students a feeling of pride which we hope will stay with them throughout their days at The Petchey Academy and beyond.

On joining the academy all students are allocated a house group which correlates to the colour of the stripes on their tie. Click below  to find out more about our houses.

Our Houses

To maintain the quality and uniqueness of our uniform, there is one sole supplier and variations of the uniform are not acceptable. This assists in keeping costs relatively low.

We hope that you will support our reasons for having a uniform and ensuring that students attending The Petchey Academy wear the correct uniform.

The academy reserves the right to send a student home if not in correct uniform.

Our uniform suppliers have provided a measuring guide for our blazers and skirts for your reference.

Measuring Guide

Other required items

  • Shoes must be plain black and flat with no trimmings or embellishments, matt black and polished, suitable for "business wear" (i.e. no ankle boots, shiny shoes, trainers, Converse or canvas). Shoes MUST cover the whole foot for health and safety reasons.
  • Girls may wear knee length black socks or plain black opaque tights (patterned or coloured tights are NOT acceptable. Girls may wear short, white socks from April - July).
  • Plain black V neck or sleeveless sweaters (knitted, not sweatshirt) may be worn underneath blazers.
  • We recommend that all students have plain black, moulded rubber football/rugby boots for the 3G pitch - plastic is acceptable but no metal studs are allowed. Trainers can be worn on the pitch, but there is an increased risk of sliding.

Don't forget to name every item of clothing in case it gets lost!