We have fantastic facilities including a Sports Hall with a basketball court and badminton courts, a MUGA with netball, basketball and tennis courts, a state of the art 3G pitch, a climbing wall, judo mats, trampolines, a dance studio and a brand new fitness suite.

The focus of this specification is to table complex and demanding physical activities. Pupils should get involved in a range of activities that develops personal fitness and promotes an active, healthy lifestyle.


Course Outline and Assessment:

In Years 7 & 8 students develop competence in a broad range of physical activities. The sports covered here are football, basketball, netball, trampolining, fitness, climbing and athletics. These activities are broadened by judo, handball, dance and table tennis. Through these sports they will also learn to develop relationships, tactics and strategic awareness.

The students are physically active for a sustained period of time, the lessons are 55 minutes long and they participate in this twice a week. Enhanced curriculum leads to a further hour and thirty minutes of physical active. Throughout this time they will acquire technique and improve their creativity in other competitive sports such as trampolining.

They will engage in competitive sport and activity through lesson, inter house and inter school. The result in these competitions will demonstrate resilience and have the ability to make meaning of competitive sport. They will acquire activity in a range of environments in outdoor and adventurous activities which present both intellectual and physical challenges.


Semester 1
  • Boys - Rugby & Basketball
  • Girls - Netball


Semester 2
  • Boys - Handball & Fitness
  • Girls - Rugby & Dance


Semester 3
  • Boys - Rugby & Table Tennis
  • Girls - Trampolining & Dance


Through a range of sporting opportunities students will evaluate performance and be expected to change can learn to achieve their personal best. They will be able to state what makes an effective performance, with strengths and areas to improve and how to apply these principles to their own.

Finally all students are given the opportunity to participate in sports clubs before school, after school and at weekends. We compete in a number of Borough and National competitions and have been successful in the London Youth Games with a number of students. Sports include trampolining, fitness club, yoga, climbing, football, netball, basketball, rugby, athletics, table tennis, cricket, judo & martial arts.


Semester 4
  • Boys - Trampolining &Dance 
  • Girls - Football & Fitness
Semester 5


  • Boys - Athletics & Dance
  • Girls - Athletics & Table Tennis
Semester 6


  • Boys - Softball & Cricket
  • Girls - Rounders & Dance

Extra-Curricular Activities

Provision is made for a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities, which include participatory as well as representative activities. The school currently provides the following extra-curricular opportunities in physical activities.

  • Positive play (lunch time)

  • After school clubs (4:00pm to 5:30)

  • Sporting fixtures – teams generally selected from students participating in after school clubs