How to help to support your child with ASD

If your child is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder s/he may be experiencing a typical school day as much more stressful and anxiety provoking than a child without the social communication difficulties.

For the child with ASD a school is not only about learning maths and history. The school provides instant social situations which other students understand intuitively.

For instance, often quick witted remarks and jokes do not seem funny for children with ASD. Often words are treated very seriously and literally.
They may struggle to tell a difference between someone laughing with them or at them. So It is easy for a person with ASD to interpret people’s merriment as “they laugh at me”. It may cause discomfort, confusion or simply anger.

Diagnosed students also complain that they are over stimulated in school by
too much noise, too much moving around, too much light, too many things to remember etc. and so on.

Therefore, children with ASD may come back home either exhausted or so overstimulated that they cannot contain themselves - they are moody, grumpy, unhappy or simply angry at the whole world.

It is not OK for them to take things out at you or their siblings or pets!

Yet, the ASD children need help to regulate their overstimulated bodies and minds.

First of all, Please do not expect your child with ASD to miraculously calm down.

Think about what your child needs to relax:

30 minutes on her/his own?
30 minutes playing on a computer?
Walking a dog?
Eating something without waiting for dinner?
Watching a cartoon?

Or anything else which you have noticed works and helps to sooth the child.

Only then ask him/her to do homework, chores or simply talk to you.

Have a look at few other ideas about how to help your child to relax.