Young Language Leaders and Parkwood School

Young Language leader’s final visit and visitors from Parkwood Primary School


On Tuesday 25th June the Petchey Young Language Leaders visited Parkwood Primary school for the last time this year to teach the Spanish lessons they had been preparing for the past 8 weeks. It was clear that the students had grown in confidence since their last visit and that the quality of their lessons had improved. The Parkwood students were really keen to get involved with all the activities the Petchey Students had prepared. The lessons were varied and informative ranging from teaching about Spanish and Latin American culture to clothes, family and stationary. It was wonderful to see our Petchey students command the class as young teachers. A huge well done for all their efforts this year and for inspiring some of our future students.


On Friday 21st June the Parkwood Primary school students switched roles and became teachers for a lesson. Raquel Tola Rego the Spanish teacher at Parkwood brought students from years 3, 4 and 5 to teach a class of year 8 Petchey students. If there were any pre-teaching nerves you couldn’t tell as the Parkwood students were so engaging and their lessons were so well prepared. The Petchey year 8 students were really impressed with their pronunciation and fluency and everyone wanted to get involved in the language games. Stickers were awarded generously for participation and everyone left the lesson with plenty. Muchísimas gracias to the Parkwood students for teaching us.


Thanks to Ms Webb for her support on the visit to Parkwood and Mr Frost and Mr Trovo for their support in the classroom in Petchey.


Ms Drucker.