The Petchey Academy Sports Club is delighted to announce that we have joined up with Personal Trainer Miguel Arroteia.  Here is some background:

Miguel started his PT journey in 2011 and soon found it was his passion.  He specialises in nutrition and body building and has tons of motivation that he'd like to share with clients.  Miguel says" I will drive you through your health & fitness journey by helping you improve and reach your goals and never forget to make it fun and challenging." 

If you are interested in finding out more please contact the Sports Club reception or or call 0207 2751528.

In addition we have Jessica Murphy. She qualified as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in 2011 as part of her Bachelors Degree in Recreation and Leisure Management. She is also a qualified Pilates and Barre instructor. 

Jessica's classes are designed so each individual can work to the best of their abilities, no matter what their fitness level. She teaches high energy bootcamp and spin classes, along with Pilates. 

Her classes are upbeat with great music, and she aims to make every member feel positive and energised leaving the class.

Jessica's favourite thing about teaching classes at the Petchy academy is getting to meet all the wonderful members. The classes have a great atmosphere and every one is supportive of one another.