Petchey joins the Lego League Competition

On Saturday 20th January, eight Year 8 students attended Queen Mary University for the First Lego League Competition alongside 17 other teams from the East London area. First Lego League is a global competition happening in 66 countries around the world focused on developing skills that are beneficial for STEM based careers. This year the competition was named Hydro Dynamics and was based around The Water Life Cycle. The students were tasked with completing four key areas; building a robot, programming a robot to complete a series of missions, creating an invention and analysing the skills they had developed.

They set out building a full functioning Lego water life cycle with 18 separate systems and a robot. Once all the Lego parts were build they programmed their robot to navigate a series of missions in just 2 minutes! It was hard work but they managed to complete two missions on the day gaining a total of 50 points for the team!

Alongside building and programming a robot, the students had to create a new invention that would improve The Water Life cycle. The students chose ‘Fatbergs’ a local problem in East London were they discovered the largest Fatberg was found stretching the length of Tower Bridge. Fatbergs are made up mostly of oil which is washed down the sink. After a couple of failed attempts they settled on creating an invention that would freeze any fat that went down the sink whilst also utilising a sensor which would release soap to breakdown any fat that had a lower freezing temperature than water (a very technical invention!) There invention was applauded by judges and Sahin Keles spoke eloquently about the different properties and how the team would ensure it was successful.

Finally the students had to create a poster on all the core skills they had developed over the 16 weeks. They delivered this presentation as a team to a panel of five judges, each contributing and discussing the range of skills they had developed and how these would help them in their future learning.

The group did an excellent job, they all contributed to the success on the day. Unfortunately we did not win this year, but we are ready for next year's competition which is called ‘Out of this World’ and based on Space! We gained lots of ideas on how to improve our robot and will start practising straight away!

- Ms Farrelly