Petchey life

    The academy day

    After consultation with staff our academy day was changed to include seminar every day (except one day for a year group assembly) after period 2 rather than than before school to offer the most impact. We also now finish at 3.30pm each day instead of 4pm - except on Wednesdays when we have Enhanced curriculum during period 7. All students in Year 7, 8 & 9 must do at least one extra-curricular club during the week - but may do more - and the older year groups are encouraged to participate alongside balancing their study and revision commitments.

    Our timings are as follows:
    Students should arrive at the academy no later than 8:20am.
    8.20am:              Line up (All Years)
    8.30am:              Period 1
    9.25am:              Period 2
    10.20am:            Daily Seminar/Weekly Assembly
    10.40am:            Break
    10.55am:            Period 3
    11.50am:            Period 4/ Lunch (Y7, 8 and 9)
    12.45pm:           Period 5/ Lunch (Y10 & 11)
    1.40pm:              Period 6
    2.35pm:              Period 7
    3.30pm:              Students depart unless participating in one of our clubs (4.00pm on Wednesday)

    Students are not permitted to bring mobile phones in to the academy under any circumstances. This is in order to avoid potential distractions whilst in school, and also for their own safety and security. Packed lunches are not permitted as every students is expected to enjoy our Family Service lunch. All students are expected to attend the academy every day and should bring minimal cash with them if any.

    Find out more about academy life in our "Day in the Life" film: