Petchey student acting company perform at the Barbican

On 13th March, Distinction, the name of our Petchey acting company, attended our long-awaited Barbican performance day.

Our arrival was greeted by our hosts and our professional mentor who had helped us to create our piece of theatre over the past 6 months.

From the minute we entered the pit (where we performed), the general atmosphere was one of professionalism. It wasn’t just Petchey students, but young actors and actresses who were devising a professional theatre performance. This feeling of professionalism was also driven by the way in which we were treated, for example, the staff made sure we had rehearsal time in which all members of Distinction could make the last adjustments and tweaks to the performance. We were also given the opportunity to run a tech rehearsal before our real performance. I believe that the tech rehearsal was the best bit of our journey because it was just so magical to see how music, light and sound worked together to create “This Is A Man’s World”. This effect was also clearly magical for our audience given the wild cheers and applause we received.

Selen Dere, Year 9 Drama student

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