Petchey students enjoy another Faraday Challenge!

We were delighted to host another Faraday Challenge event on Thursday 25 January. Six teams consisting of six Year 8 students had to take on the role of engineers for Thorpe park, first passing their apprenticeship working with electrical circuits, before designing and making a prototype meeting their specific brief.

Each team was led by their selected team manager and the young engineers, plus their dedicated accountant, set out discussing their ideas, presenting three before finally making the choice to build a prototype. The engineers were asked to consider a number of factors including the safety aspects, position in the park, suitability for different age groups as well as of course the engagement of the attraction and how many people it could hold.

At the end of the day each team completed a presentation of their final idea and showed their working prototype complete with working electric circuit. With ideas ranging from a cart ride through time, to a wipe-out style game, the ideas and talent of our students did not waver from the brilliance that we know they display.  The winners, team 4, told us of the skills that they used, including our 4 Ps of politeness, positivity, perseverance and participation.

Well done to all involved and thanks to the Petchey Foundation and the IET for running this event. 

- Ms March