Principal's Assembly

Ms Cole welcomed the students back with her Principals Assemblies, managing to address all the students in their first week back.  The message that was displayed as the students entered the assembly was ‘Life is a journey, not a destination’. Ms Cole began by telling a story about her time as a teacher. In this time she was working with 4 other staff members on a school trip but was struggling to delegate work and accept the help that she may have needed. It was on reflection that she realised that asking for help and working collectively improved the trip for everyone and that asking for help is the sign of a true leader.  Ms Cole talked about her start at The Petchey Academy and how she began this journey. She talked about her interview and how she created this vision from that day.  It was this message which she relayed to the students that at The Petchey Academy we must work collectively, all striving for the same goal. It is important that we never forget we are on this journey together.

Ms Cole continued with the theme of Leaders, discussing many of the great leaders that have inspired her and why. Aung San Suu Kyi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King to name a few. Ms Cole went on to talk about leaders much closer to home, our staff, leadership team and herself. She underlined the most important characteristic which was shown by these examples, courage. It was courage which has enabled them to do great things and we need our students to be courageous and take the opportunities that are given to them. She then reflected on all the great leaders we have within the student body, going on to use Devonte Myles as an outstanding example of what the students can achieve. Devonte is an ex student who now works for Bloomberg and has achieved so much in a short space of time since leaving the academy. He was even a speaker at the opening of their new London offices which Ms Cole attended.

Ms Cole started to round off the assembly by showcasing some of the excellent achievements by some of our students. Our students are constantly pushing themselves to do better and these were just a few examples of this. She spoke about the Leadership Acadamy team and how polite and willing to participate they have been on their 10 week course. Ms Cole attended a graduation lunch with the students prior to the christmas break.  Special mentions went to the Year 8 indoor athletic champions and Year 9, 10 & 11 netball teams. Among many other achievements, which would be too long to list, it was highlighted that we are in the national finals of the HSBC Mandarin speaking competition. It is the student leaders in all these competitions which is driving the teams to great success.

The assembly finished by reminding students that their views should and need to be heard through the right channels. The student council and student principals offer this. It is important we hear our student views and make sure that the academy continues to support and care for our students.