What makes the academy special?

The academy’s crest includes the Latin word ‘Excelsior’ ("ever higher") which succinctly captures our ambition for academic excellence in an environment where students are encouraged to develop their interests and talents in all areas. I strongly believe that the students are proud of their academy and value its unique character. Our sponsor, Sir Jack Petchey CBE, gives us that distinctive character. Both students and staff follow his maxim, “If I think I can, I can” which proves an apt guide for anyone striving for excellence in their studies, extra-curricular activities and working relationships.

What is The Petchey Way?

Students have a clear set of moral values and a sense of responsibility towards the academy. Expectations of commitment to study, social responsibility and respect are encapsulated in our “Petchey Way” which reflects our ethos of nurturing traditional values in a modern world. When you visit, please ask any student what The Petchey Way means to them. Answers will range from wearing smart uniform and holding doors open for people, to working hard for the highest qualifications and successfully winning a place at a top university or an apprenticeship or work placement. This has been consolidated into our Petchey P's:

Politeness, Positivity, Participation and Perseverance.

How do you inspire and support every child?

The academy is here to nurture and stimulate our students whatever their interests and ambitions. Whether they are fascinated by higher maths, music or politics, we encourage and support them to pursue their ambitions. If they are inspired by medical science and STEM subjects, The Petchey Academy is the place for them. Our links and partnerships with teaching hospitals and universities, coupled with our Clinical Skills Lab (usually only available in universities) create a stimulating environment to explore the possibilities. However, we offer a wide range of experiences and activities through our partners such as Bloomberg which open our students' eyes to the huge number of options available outside of the medical sciences and our award winning careers guidance programme runs from Year 7 through to sixth form. Particularly unique to Petchey is the provision of extra-curricular clubs which are laid on by every member of teaching staff to encourage students to participate and try new things. From trampolining to chess, and even bee-keeping, there is something to peak every students' interest. Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have to select at least one club to participate in and students in Years 10 to 13 are also strongly encouraged to do the same.