The new psychology Edexcel specification is 100% linear which means all the exams being at the end of the two year course.  Students will study 4 topics in Year 12 and 3 topics in Year 13. The topics covered as well as the skills prepare students who are interested in studying psychology at a university level.

Why choose this course?

  • You are interested psychological issues.
  • Wanting to think like a psychologist.
  • Wanting to develop transferable skills for progression to higher education.
  • You are happy to support your learning through wider reading in psychological issues.
  • You are choosing sciences, maths or arts and want a contrasting subject to study.
  • You relish lively and challenging discussion and debate.

What will I need to be successful?

  • A confident written style; writing needs to be concise, accurate and detailed. You will have skills in analysis and evaluation.
  • A desire to extend your understanding of psychology through wider reading.
  • A willingness to be objective; to be open to others viewpoints and opinions, to want to listen as well as be heard.
  • A desire to succeed and a willingness to take responsibility.
Paper 1: Foundations of Psychology

Social, Cognitive, Biological, Learning and Issues and Debates

Paper 2: Application of Psychology

Clinical and Child Psychology

Paper 3: Psychological Skills

Review of Methodology  Review of Studies

Review of Issues & Debates

Topic 1: Social Psychology
Topic 2: Cognitive Psychology 
Topic 3: Biological Psychology
Topic 4: Learning Theories
Topic 5: Clinical Psychology
Topic 6: Child Psychology
Topic 7: Child Psychology
Topic 8: Child Psychology
Topic 9: Psychological Skills