Religious Studies is a rigorous academic subject that engages students in asking questions as well as answering them. The subject provides students with the key skills necessary to be successful at school and in life, encouraging students to give their views and opinions whilst developing the skills of reasoning, explanation and evaluation.

Year 7:

Semester 1: Ultimate Questions

An Ultimate Question is a question that does not have an answer, or where people cannot agree what the answer might be.

Students will consider the questions below – examining the competing perspectives

  •       Is there a soul?

  •       Why are we here?

  •       Is there a God?

Semester 2: Rites of passage

Students will reflect on the importance and significance of their life experiences so far and in the future;to explore the special significance of:

  •       Human birth

  •       Concept of ‘coming of age’

  •       Significance of marriage in Christianity and other faiths.

Semester 3: Key features of Christianity

In semester 3-5 students will be introduced the concepts of multi-faith and multicultural and consider implications of these terms. Students will investigate the key beliefs of the monotheistic faiths of Christianity, Islam and Judaism whilst recognising that there are other belief systems.

Semester 4: Key features of Islam
Semester 5: Key features of Judaism
Semester 6: Places of Worship

Students will consider the key features of places of worship and reflect on a place that is special to them.


Year 8:

Semester 1: Religious leaders

Students will be introduced toa range of leaders from across a number of faiths in order to reflect upon theshared qualities they shared.


Semester 2: Pilgrimage

Students will consider the reasons that people of differingfaiths choose to go on pilgrimage and the significance it holds for them – thiswill include a focus on the Hajj and its importance for Muslims.


Semester 3: Crime and Punishment

Students will consider the motivations for crime bothhistorically and in the modern day. Students will then compare the differingreligious attitudes towards punishment.


Semester 4: Key features of Hinduism

In semester 4-6 students will investigate the key beliefs of thefaiths of Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism whilst reflecting back to Year 7studies to make comparisons with monotheistic faiths.


Semester 5: Key features of Sikhism
Semester 6: Key features of Buddhism