Keys Stage 3

Religious Studies is a rigorous academic subject that engages students in asking questions as well as answering them. The subject provides students with the key skills necessary to be successful at school and in life, encouraging students to give their views and opinions whilst developing the skills of reasoning, explanation and evaluation.

KS3 RS & Philosophy

Key Stage 4

Students will complete a Full Course Edexcel Religious Studies GCSE (Religion and Life/Religion and Society) starting during Year 9 and ending in Year 11. The examination is based upon a study of Christianity and Islam, but with a clear emphasis on students developing their own opinions on relevant subject matters.

Students are required to gain knowledge and understanding about religion, to make informed and balanced judgements about religious belief and moral issues, and to apply religious insights to the students’ own lives.

By the end of the course, students should be able to: analyse problems, think creatively and independently, be able to evaluate opposing perspectives, identify weaknesses in arguments, and critically assess debates and arguments.


Key Stage 5

Students who opt for Religious Studies AS Level follow the Edexcel course in Philosophy and Ethics. The course gives students the opportunity to develop their philosophical thinking skills and put very famous arguments to the test. It is an excellent preparation for university, as we encourage learning through discussion, engagement with famous primary texts and independent research.  The Department hopes to sow the seeds of critical inquiry and encourage students to let no stone go unturned and no assumption go unchallenged in their quest for answers.

KS5 Philosophy & Ethics