From September 2014 all local authorities, the NHS and their partners began to provide a new system to support children and young people with special educational needs up to age 26 to improve outcomes for children and young people with SEN and lead to efficiencies in service deliveries.

Key Changes

School Action and School Action Plus will be replaced by SEN support: a graduated approach to identifying and meeting SEN, with schools involving parents in identifying needs, deciding outcomes, planning provision and seeking expertise at whatever point is needed.
Statements will be phased out and will be replaced by Education, Health & Care (EHC) assessments and plans. EHC plans will extend from birth to age 25.
Parents and children/ young people themselves will have a much stronger role in the new system and their views and aspirations must be taken into account. The support systems for parents and young people will be strengthened.
If your child receives any intervention within school you will receive a letter stating the support provided. Your child will not automatically be put on the SEN Register if accessing additional support.
If your child is on the SEN Register you will be informed via letter.

Key Contacts

Ms Aiken - Renaissance Learning Centre Lead
Dr Kebbie - SENCo
Ms Ferguson - Student Welfare Officer
Ms Lynch - Home Liaison Officer